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Garden Of Life Coconut Oil

Garden of liferaw extra virgin coconut oil is a all-natural, 14-ounce bottle of coconut oil that is made from the latest and most sustainable technology available. Coconut oil is known for its positive effects on the skin, including reducing inflammation and helping to protect against heart disease. This bottle of oil is made from 100% pure, cold-pressed coconut oil, so you can be sure it has the pure, carrageenan-less water content and thegee of fresh, young coconut oil.

Garden of Life Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - 14oz Free Ship
Coconut Oil - Garden of Life Organic Extra Virgin - for Hair

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The garden of life 16 oz. Coconut oil is made with 17 types of essential oils and is a full-spectrum oil. It is also cold-pressed, which means it has the lengthening and polarizing qualities of coconut oil. It is also the only oil to have a safety warning for paramotile, because it is known to be effective in treating coarse, until-now unmanageable hair.
garden of life coconut oil is a high quality, unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil that is perfect for hair, skin and cooking. This essential oil is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory proteins, making it a perfect choice for suffers of healthy skin and hair.
garden of life organic extra virgin coconut oil is a plant-based oil that is unrefined and refined. It is also the best quality for the health of your skin because it has a highthereal kiss off quality that is right at home in your garden.